A New Dawn

I’ve moved on to my own domain but will forever be thankful to Mark Newman and MLBlogs for all the support. And now that the service is free, I feel comfortable adding my feed to the domain name here. 🙂

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So Clay Buchholz throws a no-hitter in his second MLB game and MLBLogs’ front page has Alyssa Milano up all weekend and NEVER bothers to mention the milestone?

He threw the no-hitter on Saturday, it’s Wednesday.  That seems to be more than enough time to get something together.

So now MLBlogs is more about hawking MLB products than actually pointing out baseball history?  Good to know.

I’ll say it since they didn’t:

Congratulations to Clay Buchholz! It was a great game (that I happened to be at) and you deserved more from MLB than to be bumped for the baseball player-banging ho Milano.

(Edited because my mother read this and didn’t want me sullying Clay’s good name with the cheap swipe at Ms Milano.  She’s a good lady and often takes the high road, unlike her daughter.  So, for her, I changed it.  I leave it up under strikethrough so I don’t get accused of backing off my position.)

My point still stands.  MLBlogs should have done better by Clay.  They drag Alyssa Milano out all the time and they could have bumped her for something as special as what happened Saturday.


Not for “Sale”

Although I don’t blog here any longer, I do still keep this account open.  Hey, you never know when things will change.

I received a request today to sell my login information for this blog.  I’m not sure for what purpose, but I suspect it is for advertising.  Especially since the request came from a man (decidedly NOT a ‘chick’).  So I thought I’d put it out here that this space is absolutely NOT for sale as I still do  pay the monthly fee to keep it up (and even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t ‘sell’ my information to anyone).

Thanks for asking, though.

Movin’ On

Well folks, I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while and I finally made the jump.  This will be my last post on MLBlogs.  I’ve enjoyed my time here, especially my interactions with (most of) the other bloggers and, most importantly, Mark Newman.  But it is time to move on. 

For a while I’ve complained about having to contour the blog to the censorship whims of MLB – and I’ve been more than critical of Bud Selig and MLB in my time here.  My wanderlust coupled with my want of more freedom with my content and design made me look elsewhere for options, and Bud’s slimy moves with Direct TV pretty much solidified the idea for me.

So, as of tomorrow, I’ll be blogging still, but instead of being at MLBlogs, I’ll be directly at Red Sox Chick.com.  I’m still playing with the formatting, but it’s pretty much the way I like it right now – although, given my attention span, there are sure to be ongoing changes.  I hope the folks who visit here stop by there and check it out. 

Take care folks and thanks for everything Mark!


(Edit:)  In the comments, Mark wrote:

ps — not sure what "censorship whims of MLB" you’re referring to,
though. We have emphasized the "Official Affiliate of
MLB.com/Unofficial Opinions" nature of MLBlogs for 2 years and it’s
been pretty much free rein from what I’ve seen (save for the Six Apart
profanity filter). I just don’t want anyone else to think this place is
censored by anyone.

Excellent point and my apologies for my phrasing above.   The profanity filter is primarily what I was referring to. It isn’t ‘the’ reason for the jump though.  It just seemed time.

Thanks, again, Mark, for everything!  🙂

A prayer from Red Sox Nation


Dear Lord, we haven’t asked for much, and after 86 years you delivered, so we don’t mean to be greedy, but please, PLEASE, if you have any love or compassion for your son David Pauley, let him smite the Yankees tonight. 

We don’t need blood (but, hey, if you see fit to make them bleed, well we don’t question you). we just need his curveball to curve.  Actually, all of his pitches hitting their marks would be nice…but maybe that’s too much to ask.  Howsabout we just ask that you don’t let the kid get humiliated so deeply that he never wants to play ball again?  And how about letting Tek reach his all-star potential tonight?  And that Lowell guy?  Another double or two would be nice.  And Tito, well give Tito the wisdom to know when a pitcher is done and when NOT to pull his guys for ‘a day off’.  That would be good.

Okay, I think we might be getting too greedy.  Lord, forget everything we’ve asked for thus far.  Except the smiting thing.  Let Pauley smite the Yankees.
Smite them hard and long and make them wish they never humiliated Josh Beckett.  That would be the best gift of all.

Oh yeah, and see what you can do about making an errant ball hit Johnny Damon on his ‘broken foot’ would you?

As always, we remain your humble servants.

Go Sox!

Please, God, Smite Him!!!

Give him hives, deflate his wife’s breasts, hide his mousse, make his tongue fall out…just do something to SHUT HIM THE HE11 UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"These guys were planning their lives around what I do, which is pretty amazing," Damon said. "Thanks for caring so much. They didn’t care about cheering on their team, all they cared about was booing me. If that’s what they want to do, so be it. I’d rather be cheering for Big Papi than booing me."

Johnny shouldn’t be doing so much back-patting, what with that bad shoulder and all.

What he neglects to mention is that Big Papi and Doug Mirabelli got more cheers than he did boos.

Freaking idiot.  Thank you, God, THANK YOU, for making him gone.  Now if you could just make him S T F U, that would be perfect.

Thank you.

Alan Embree?

Forget all this Manny Ramirez trade talk…I don’t think it’ll happen.  Okay, I don’t WANT it to happen and Jayson Stark says it isn’t happening (not that I give him all that much credit, but anyway…) so that’s good enough for me to ignore for now.

I’m still reeling from the site of Alan Embree in pinstripes.

What the heck is this? Embreeinpinstripes_4

This is Embree in his first appearance out of the Yankees bullpen.

Blech! Doesn’t begin to cover it.

And here are some quotes from our old pal Al:

Regarding David Ortiz: 

"I’m left-handed, so I’m supposed to face him and I’m supposed to get him out.  "That’s how I’m going to approach it. I’m not going to change anything that I’ve done before. I’ve challenged guys. Usually, I bet on me."

Yeah, Al…you’re going to OWN Big Papi.

And how’s this beauty? In regard to the World Series ring: 

"It’s a beautiful ring, but that was last year.  I’m trying to get one here now. There would really be nothing more satisfying than to get one here right now."

I was a big Embree supporter, even during his worst times this season…but I have to admit that I was absolutely thrilled when it looked like he was going to be the goat in today’s game.

Too bad the Angels just stink like cheese.

Good luck, Alan.  Hope you don’t even make the playoffs.