Please, God, Smite Him!!!

Give him hives, deflate his wife’s breasts, hide his mousse, make his tongue fall out…just do something to SHUT HIM THE HE11 UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"These guys were planning their lives around what I do, which is pretty amazing," Damon said. "Thanks for caring so much. They didn’t care about cheering on their team, all they cared about was booing me. If that’s what they want to do, so be it. I’d rather be cheering for Big Papi than booing me."

Johnny shouldn’t be doing so much back-patting, what with that bad shoulder and all.

What he neglects to mention is that Big Papi and Doug Mirabelli got more cheers than he did boos.

Freaking idiot.  Thank you, God, THANK YOU, for making him gone.  Now if you could just make him S T F U, that would be perfect.

Thank you.



    Talk about being in denial. Could he honestly not hear the fans cheering so lud for Papi, and did aliens abduct him, causing him to “miss” the Mirabelli game-delaying ovation?

    Congratulations, Johnny, for saying **** like that, knowing it’s a lie, you are a true yankee. And to think, some dipsh*t (cklaiming to be a Sox fan) commented on my blog saying that Damon wasn’t a phony.

  2. Arielle

    And they wonder why we boo him . . . He really is an idiot.

    It might be slightly selfish, but my friend and I are praying that the game will get rained out tonight so we can see Beckett tomorrow.

    I also got the Red Sox Yankees Rivalry DVD as a belated birthday gift, and am slightly antsy to watch it.


  3. Cyn

    Yeesh, Arielle! I wasn’t even thinking about the rotation!

    If they don’t get rained out tonight…I get Lenny on Friday!



    as Damon continues to make me want to rip his tounge out and strangle him with it. Shut Your F****** Face Johnny


    Cyn, don’t blaspheme. Really.

    There are other secular ways you could’ve expressed your anger.

  6. Umair

    Bad shoulder? That was sort of Last year.. but funny how you still remember. Now if I remember correctly, Damon has performed well in his first month in pinstripes, and the Red Sox replacement for Damon has yet to play in Fenway Park.

    But ofcourse it’s all about that bad shoulder.

  7. Umair

    Oh and Damon’s is pretty good, to leadoff the 10th inning with a double and score the winning run..

    I’d take that anyday. How did your team do?

  8. Cyn

    I’m not blaspheming. I really want God to make him stop talking about the Red Sox and their fans.

    And, Umair, regardless of how Johnny plays, he’s still a horse’s behind.

    And, did you forget his shoulder was acting up in spring training? Apparently you don’t follow your team as closely as you claim.

    Oh the horror, the Red Sox lost a game on a night the Yankees won.

    Please. You’re better than that. Well, maybe not.

  9. Umair

    lol, I just don’t think it’s right to use words like “Jesus” when your calling Damon a traitor.. it’s just a game, and your bringing up biblical terms.. just because your pissed off the man didn’t sign with your team.

  10. Cyn

    Funny, I never wrote Jesus, I wrote God.

    And if you don’t get that the majority of what I write on this site is for comedy value, I’m not sure why you’ve been reading all this time.

    And I know I don’t have to tell you how wrong you are about my being mad he didn’t sign with the Red Sox.

    It’s about him signing with the Yankees, as it always has been, with me and every other fan who can’t stand him.

  11. Cyn

    //You don’t get Lenny on Friday, Cyn. You get Schilling!//

    Thank Jesus!

    (I knew I’d find a way to work him in!)



    Umair, The 10th inning you are referring to was against Tampa Bay! I can tell you, that is a really tough team (sarcasm).

    For those of us who can care less about biblical terms, cyn, you didn’t offend me.


    I dont understand your point.
    Players sign with other teams all the time, and if the Red Sox really wanted him, they could have kept him. They didnt, and now you are angry. Seriously…its quite black and white here. Business is business. And by the way, why can’t you just be a Red Sox fan without always mentioning the Yankees. I understand the rivalry, but seriously, even your tag line mentions the Yankees. Just do you.

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