A prayer from Red Sox Nation


Dear Lord, we haven’t asked for much, and after 86 years you delivered, so we don’t mean to be greedy, but please, PLEASE, if you have any love or compassion for your son David Pauley, let him smite the Yankees tonight. 

We don’t need blood (but, hey, if you see fit to make them bleed, well we don’t question you). we just need his curveball to curve.  Actually, all of his pitches hitting their marks would be nice…but maybe that’s too much to ask.  Howsabout we just ask that you don’t let the kid get humiliated so deeply that he never wants to play ball again?  And how about letting Tek reach his all-star potential tonight?  And that Lowell guy?  Another double or two would be nice.  And Tito, well give Tito the wisdom to know when a pitcher is done and when NOT to pull his guys for ‘a day off’.  That would be good.

Okay, I think we might be getting too greedy.  Lord, forget everything we’ve asked for thus far.  Except the smiting thing.  Let Pauley smite the Yankees.
Smite them hard and long and make them wish they never humiliated Josh Beckett.  That would be the best gift of all.

Oh yeah, and see what you can do about making an errant ball hit Johnny Damon on his ‘broken foot’ would you?

As always, we remain your humble servants.

Go Sox!



  1. noni@noni.com

    You can’t ask god to hit him in the foot. But you can ask him to hit him in the butt!
    No damage, just a nice big black and blue. Like the one on Youks arm.

  2. luckyleftie300@aol.com

    The Yanks could lose 20-1 and nothing would take the edge off the embarassment that the Yanks handed to Blister Boy, btw, that is the funniest prayer I’ve heard in a long time.

  3. amber__11@hotmail.com

    I use to pray to God about the Yankees, but I really dont think he takes sides. Plus he has a lot more important prayers to anwser.

  4. luckyleftie300@aol.com

    I also don’t think praying for someone to get hit in a broken area would go over well with the Big Man either.

  5. amber__11@hotmail.com

    Thomas we understand humor, but I just dont think God takes sides when it comes to sports. To many ppl pray for their teams, and God can not answer everyones prayers.

  6. Cyn

    Wow. Some of you are freaking me out.

    Learn to take a joke, folks.

    (Thanks, Thomas and those of you who ‘get’ it!)

  7. jimbo17_69@msn.com

    WHOOOOOOO CARES? For someone preaching about being positive, you sure did pick a subject that is pointless and is a pure display of how uptight and negative you are.

    You are slamming players for responding to a positive effort, right?

  8. amber__11@hotmail.com

    I can take a joke. I was just saying that I dont pray to God anymore about sports. Ever since the 2004 playoffs I have realized the players have to do it by themselves cause they are not getting any help from the big fellow. I didnt know that saying that would be considered “not taking a joke.”

  9. noni@noni.com

    Hello God, whoever, or whatever you might be.
    Could you please give these people a sense of humor!

    Wow, to early in the day to be so serious.

    Lighten up.

  10. Jacob

    Boy, Cyn, something about you really rubs people the wrong way. I wonder if I started saying provocative things like “stay positive” if I could generate such feedback.

    //WHOOOOOOO CARES? For someone preaching about being positive, you sure did pick a subject that is pointless and is a pure display of how uptight and negative you are.//

    Who is this jimbo fellow anyway? Calm down, dude.

    I think Pauley’s going to need all the prayers he can get (or at least I hope he needs them). And a stray ball hitting someone in the butt (NOT the broken foot) would be funny on any team.



  11. Jason

    “Learn to take a joke, folks.”

    If your comments were prefaced by “the following is a joke” that would be one thing. The fact is every post on every blog is the written word. There is no tone of voice. There is no body langauge. Sometimes a post may get lost in translation or totally misinterpreted. Unless you call it a joke, most people don’t know if you’re being serious or not. There are some sports fans out there that you know make these prayer requests. It is not absurd to think someone will read your post and take it as being serious. A small population of your readers probably know you on a personal level and they probably “got it.” To the unknowing reader or one who isn’t familiar you or is here for the first time, they probably didn’t. Considering that anyone can read your blog, to expect everyone to take it is a joke is kind of presumptious. It’s kind of like “sexual harrasment.” It’s not the intent of your words/actions, but the impact it has on people. No one can tell by just reading words on paper.

    But it’s your blog. No one has to get it but you. But to expect everyone to take it as a joke, that’s a stretch.



  12. Cyn

    Jacob, I read your entry today and will respond more appropriately tonight (but, for now, thank you – it was quite thoughtful of both you and Dave to take the time and make the effort).

    I have to laugh. I really do. I am, possibly, the least confrontational or negative person anyone will ever meet (Noni, Kay and a few others who comment here and have met me can attest to that)…I admit to having a dislike of the Yankees that is almost as strong as my love for the Red Sox (and I will occasionally write about it)…but the bottom line is I love baseball – and I don’t take any of this all that seriously. I appreciate the folks who get it…the others, oh well, what are you going to do?

    (Interestingly enough, Jacob, Jimbo is a Red Sox fan. Or so he says.)

  13. Cyn

    //But it’s your blog. No one has to get it but you. But to expect everyone to take it as a joke, that’s a stretch.//

    I make no apologies. If people have read any entries on this blog aside from this one and STILL think I was praying to God to smite the Yankees…that is THEIR problem.

  14. Thomas

    I put “Man” in reference to god in quotations because I was quoting previous posters..

    Who cares if Cyn (either jokingly or seriously) prays about baseball games and who cares if any of you think it does any good. It’s her blog, she post what makes her happy.. if you have a problem with that.. don’t read. Or better yet. Pony up the 4.95 a month and get your own MLBlog and write all of your harsh comments there. =)

  15. jimbo17_69@msn.com

    So Cyn, because I don’t sit here and share the same positive light as you, you would rather paint me as an anti-Sox fan? That is absurd.

    I am fair and balanced Cyn, I know that this is your blog, you pay 4.95 a month, yada, yada, yada, but that doesn’t mean I won’t call someone out on being a hypocrite, just because they root for the same team as I do. I’ve actually kept my mouth shut on a few comments you’ve made, especially those that Beth counterattacked on. I must say, she was right and called you out on it.

    I don’t call people out because they root for a particular team, I call them out when they are hypocrites.

    Peter has done it to me, have I called him a Yankees fan?

  16. Cyn

    // am fair and balanced Cyn//

    You forget the many comments I deleted that you left, Jimbo. “Fair and balanced” doesn’t even begin to describe them.

    //but that doesn’t mean I won’t call someone out on being a hypocrite//

    You come here…I don’t market to you and drag you over. If you don’t like what I read, don’t read it. Or, if you want to comment on it – show a little respect. Something you either don’t know how to do, or choose not to do.

    The way Peter responds and the way you respond don’t come anywhere near each other, Jimbo.

  17. Jason

    “Jason, read more of Cyn’s post and you should be able to get the tone in her “written word”.

    I never said I didn’t get it. Just making a case for those that didn’t. I read it right after it was posted, before there were any comments, and I chuckled. I didn’t take it to be serious.

    Everyone processes information differently. To assume that everyone got it, whether they are frequent readers or not, is a strecth. It shouldn’t be surprising that some people took her to be serious and left some comments expressing a different point of view. That’s all I’m saying.

    Personally, my repsonse to those who took it seriously would have been “i was only joking.” I wouldn’t have phrased it in a way that made those who took it seriously seem stupid, which is how I processed the statement “Learn to take a joke, folks”



  18. amber__11@hotmail.com

    Jason your right. You can not tell by written words on this site if someone is joking or not. That said I knew when I read it that it was a joke, but I if the comments “some ppl just dont get it” are for me then they dont get it. I was joking that I dont pray to God because everyone else does… plus it hasnt work out to well for me in the playoffs. But whatever I dont really care.

  19. dave

    So does that mean if your Bhuddist or Muslim you can’t pray to God..
    He-He-He-He…(a little pot-stirring)

    Come on folks It ain’t Sunday school. Last time I looked it was a Red Sox blog….eh Baseball!!!!!???

  20. jimbo17_69@msn.com

    Well Cynif that’s the way you want to play, fine! It’s your blog, go ahead and say your aburd ****. 1) it’s no wonder you blog didn’t last so long last year and know surprise people get on your case. 2)Your in your 30’s? It’s no wonder your not married yet, you would annoy the **** out of any guy with being a hypocrite, in the name of ‘Your Blog’.

    Later chiquita!


    ‘The Dark and Sinister Sox Fan’

  21. Thomas

    Jimbo.. spell check.. and shut your hole. It’s funny your commenting on the activity of her blog, being it’s probably the most popular blog on MLBlogs.com, one that you frequent quite often.

  22. dave

    And there is no need to be so feckin personal to a friend of mine. Bring your merde to me big guy we’ll soon see what jimbo is made of.. you obnoxious little man.
    Go fork out the $4.95 and place your petty little personal attacks there so everyone can see how sad you are. Again DON”T BE INSULTING TO A LADY…..


  23. Cyn

    //) it’s no wonder you blog didn’t last so long last year and know surprise people get on your case//

    See, Jimbo, now you’re just looking bitter. What are you talking about? This is my first blog and it’s been going strong since July of 2005.

    //)Your in your 30’s? It’s no wonder your not married yet, you would annoy the **** out of any guy with being a hypocrite, in the name of ‘Your Blog’.//

    I officially apologize to every Yankee fan for thinking this guy was one of you.

    (Thomas and Dave, thank you fellas!)

  24. jimbo17_69@msn.com

    Dave, which is it? Am I a big guy or is it little man?

    Dude, if you posted the same obnoxious ****, I would say something, I would bring it to you. Don’t feel I am that worried my friend and keep responding, so I can hold you mentally hostage.

  25. Cyn

    See, this is my biggest issue. The last thing I want is for this place to turn into one big flame war.

    As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, that is what drove me from the Red Sox Fan Forum message board, and thanks to the handy dandy delete button we have here – it WON’T drive me from MLBLogs.

    Jimbo, think rationally for one minute. Forget the initial disagreement and realize you are coming on a blog -created solely for entertainment purposes – and not only fighting with people, but verbally assaulting them as well. To what end?

    It might only (currently) be ‘cyberly’, but some of these people are my ‘friends’…of course they will defend me. (thanks, again, guys) Interestingly enough – the two fellas you’re getting into it with are an Astros fan and a Yankees fan. (well I think that’s interesting anyway)

    I vote for ending this now. Tonight is another game…and more things will come up that we can all debate about without trying to set each other on fire.

  26. peter1210@sbcglobal.net

    Jimbo, I used to, prior to 5 minutes ago, think you were a sorta nice but negative Sox fan, NOW I KNOW BETTER. Shame on you. Go stand in the corner….of your own blog. Cyn rules. And I will defend her until my eyesight goes and I can’t see the keys to type anymore. She would do the same for me….we’re sisters.

  27. dave

    Well said babe. Sorry for falling for his garbage again..
    Good luck tonight, you know I mean that. Others probably think I’m acting up..

  28. my2kidslovem@yahoo.com

    Upon reading your blog, I can not comprehend the attitude of Jimbo. Between the adoring personality and beautiful pictures, you are a lovely woman.

  29. my2kidslovem@yahoo.com

    Listen guys, to tell you the truth, I am bi-polar and I spat off alot of **** I don’t mean. There is a sadistic part of me that likes to **** people off, but you know what? When I did this in my first appearance on this blog, you were all bickering. Over the last 24 hours, there has been non-stop bickering.

    Now look at you all, Yankee, Astros, Toronto fans are all getting along, thanks to me! My sadistic ways have worked to reunite Yankee and Sox fans.

  30. John

    Here’s my take on this. Last night I turned the game off at around 1 a.m. feeling miserable. Then logged on this morning to this hilarious ‘prayer’ and the Smiley Face post and I thought ‘That’s what I needed to cheer me up’

    And then all of a sudden some tosser’s flaming all over my favourite blog. Shame there’s just a Delete button Cyn, but no spam filter.

  31. my2kidslovem@yahoo.com

    So ya see, bi-polar or I can just go away and redeem myself.

    You should be watching around the horn right now. They are talking about how much The Sox pitching stinks.

  32. jimbo17_69@msn.com

    So ya see, bi-polar or I can just go away and redeem myself.

    You should be watching around the horn right now. They are talking about how much The Sox pitching stinks.

  33. dave

    Cyn this guy is just beyond comprehension… Delete button works I hope..
    He is bordering on “cuckoo’s nest” proportions..

  34. jimbo17_69@msn.com

    Dave there is a reason they put bars on the windows where I am staying at. Please don’t be prejudice against Mentally challenged people.

    Hey Cyn, on Around the Horn, they are discussing the hole curtain call issue. They are speaking out against it.

  35. jimbo17_69@msn.com

    I meant, didn’t you ask me to come to your site versus staying on this one? By the way, I replied to your last comment.

  36. two2067@aol.com

    Cyn–this is nothing compared to the crazies that come to my site. I finally had to do something about the comments section when one of them started surmising that my girlfriend was cheating on me with a man with an abnormally large part of the male anatomy… (What did he think, I’d think this was true and confront her?: “Hey, I heard from some stranger…”)

    Anyway, yeah, jimbo, I have to say, that was a terrible job bringing Cyn’s social life into this. It really implied that a woman’s job is to keep quiet and do what men say. Without–god forbid– *annoying* them.

    “It’s no wonder your not married yet”

    It’s no wonder you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”



  37. Cyn

    Jere, I didn’t see the offending posts, but I saw where you put the ‘security’ measures in over there.

    I don’t know why you draw them the way you do!

    Thanks, as always!

  38. jimbo17_69@msn.com

    Two, wolud ti pleh fi I etirw drawkcab?

    Dude I don’t bother with a spell check nor do I really look over what I am typing.

    Thank you for admiring my posts though,OWT

  39. two2067@aol.com

    What you need is a grammar check. But nice job avoiding the issue of you telling Cyn she wouldn’t make a good wife because of what she writes on her Red Sox blog.

    Cyn, the comment on my blog that pushed me over the edge was also the first one I ever deleted. Be glad you didn’t have to read it.

  40. jimbo17_69@msn.com

    Hey owt, thank you for the compliment. Since your probably some old perverted r*****, I would imagine you are just trying to appease the lady for your own agenda.

    I call it as I see it! I think it would have been insulting if I said she was ugly or she was a b*tch, but I only stated she was a hypocrite, there are others who would agree with this, both Sox and Yank fans. Stop acting like a little P*ssy wipped pr*ck and carry yourself like you have a pair.

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