Not for “Sale”

Although I don’t blog here any longer, I do still keep this account open.  Hey, you never know when things will change.

I received a request today to sell my login information for this blog.  I’m not sure for what purpose, but I suspect it is for advertising.  Especially since the request came from a man (decidedly NOT a ‘chick’).  So I thought I’d put it out here that this space is absolutely NOT for sale as I still do  pay the monthly fee to keep it up (and even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t ‘sell’ my information to anyone).

Thanks for asking, though.




    Cyn, here’s a suggestion..

    since you’re keeping your account here, how about just copying/pasting your posts from your other blog here; the same entries would be on both your other blog and your mlblog here – might as well use this account if you’re gonna keep paying for it, and you’d get the traffic of readers here; with the bad words filter this blog would be the PG-13 version of your other one

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