So Clay Buchholz throws a no-hitter in his second MLB game and MLBLogs’ front page has Alyssa Milano up all weekend and NEVER bothers to mention the milestone?

He threw the no-hitter on Saturday, it’s Wednesday.  That seems to be more than enough time to get something together.

So now MLBlogs is more about hawking MLB products than actually pointing out baseball history?  Good to know.

I’ll say it since they didn’t:

Congratulations to Clay Buchholz! It was a great game (that I happened to be at) and you deserved more from MLB than to be bumped for the baseball player-banging ho Milano.

(Edited because my mother read this and didn’t want me sullying Clay’s good name with the cheap swipe at Ms Milano.  She’s a good lady and often takes the high road, unlike her daughter.  So, for her, I changed it.  I leave it up under strikethrough so I don’t get accused of backing off my position.)

My point still stands.  MLBlogs should have done better by Clay.  They drag Alyssa Milano out all the time and they could have bumped her for something as special as what happened Saturday.



  1. Kellia

    As I recall, Milano was prominently featured when Makr Buerhle toss his no-no early this year. And during Jackie Robinson commemorative festivites. Apparently, making history is not more important than hawking products.


  2. levelboss@levelboss.com

    what’s the MAIN reason for posting here again out of the blue, Cyn? is it..

    a) your anger towards mlblogs for not mentioning Buchholz’s no-hitter?

    b) to make catty insults about Alyssa Milano?

    c) you finally took my advice of dual-posting on both this blog and your R-rated one?

    d) you’re feeling bold now, because the Red Sox apparently have a playoff ticket?

  3. Cyn

    A&B level, A&B.

    I still read MLBlogs and enjoy it. But the omission of the no-hitter for Milano is outright ridiculous and embarrassing to MLBLogs. And I was quite surprised that no one else pointed it out.

    C? I’d say it’s more PG-13-rated.

    And, D? I have a blog I update daily, and I’ve been feeling pretty good about them all along.

    Kellia, I don’t remember that happened when Buerhle threw his. That’s a shame as well. :()

  4. levelboss@levelboss.com

    i agree about the no-hitter no-mention (for both Buchholz and Buerle); those are rare things that were surprisingly absent from mlblogs’ front page

    but the catty trash-talking, Cyn? if you read her blog, you’d see that she’s as real a baseball fan as you are

    if you were a tv star and had more social access to baseball players than most people, would you choose not to socialize? the baseball players that Alyssa has dated are guys after all, and like most dudes, they see how smokin’ hot Alyssa is – nobody blames them for dating stars

  5. Ashley

    lol, I just saw a comment by you on another lady’s blog site about Mike Lowell. I read your comment that said you trashed talked someone who used your picture on wetpaint for Mike Lowell.. haha I’m her. Small world huh

    I agree on Milano trumping Clay is wrong.. but you were harsh on her. I never knew how hardcore of a fan she was still I joined this place, I think she’s awesome!! I’d kill to be in her shoes (for the Sox)

  6. sentinelofgods@hotmail.com

    Oh Yes!!! Now who has the biggest collapse in SPORTS HISTORY ??? The Boston Patriots(c,mon now who are we kidding calling them the New England Patriots?) !!!
    Since this is my first post in a Red Sox blog ( I always post in the Yankees blogs , not much in the offseason , though ) I will not be the dirty , obscene , and absurd foul language using lunatic that I usually am , but I will say this :

    In your A $ S

    you STUPID LOWLY Boston Sports fans . F 0 C K

    u all. I am from the real bloodline of New York Area Sports Fans and I can tell you

    it feels sweet . And sweeter considering we (Yankees fans) are no longer the biggest losers ever… It is and will always be YOU , Boston

    I D i 0 T S .

    Peace out !!!

    Go Giants !!!

    Go Rangers!!!

    Go Knicks !!! (whatever)

    And more importantly…

    Will forever say , first thing in the morning :

    Go Yankees!!!

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