About redsoxchickcyn

I’ve been a fan since the 70’s…Fred Lynn
was my introduction to the Boston Red Sox…I died with them
in 78, 86, 99 and especially 2003…and cried like a baby in
2004. I’m passionate and out-spoken and very much a player’s
fan…but I love this Front Office as well (and that’s the
first time I’ve ever felt that way about this team). Be
forewarned…I’m a “we” person. I spend a lot of money on my
team…and I put my heart and soul into supporting them. I’ve
earned the right to refer to the team as “we”…so please
don’t hassle me about it. 2004 made all my baseball dreams
come true. Anything else is gravy.


Boston Red Sox, Baseball, Many other things
unrelated to sports.